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Activewear, athleisure, party and beach for gals who get it ALL done EVERYDAY.

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It's your turn. What do you need/want?

Jen McGowan


Put that sunshine in your pocket and keep that spring in your step for as long as you can. It’s always summer somewhere, and it’s always sunny above the clouds.

You cooked, you cleaned, you did it nice. You made it nice, and you took care of the needs and wants of others. Now it’s your turn.

Taking care of you isn’t selfish. It’s smart. You might function at superwoman level, but you are not a self-sustaining organism. That’s not a put-down, it’s just what is.

So, thank you to all the women who made this summer the best summer ever.

Now it’s your turn. What do you need/want?


Jetty Betty AKA Jen McGowan