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Activewear, athleisure, party and beach for gals who get it ALL done EVERYDAY.

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where'd you get those pants?


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where'd you get those pants?

Jen Mcgowan

my day started like any other. woke up. morning routine. kids out the door.

went to the gym for the first time in 2 months with much trepidation and fear that i wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone else, stay on the beat, not have to put down my weights a zillion times during the arm sequence…and then i realized that no one else is looking at me, no one else cares if I couldn’t keep up…everyone else is one foot in front of the other, just like me.

i dress for the gym much as i dress for life. not looking to stand out or for attention, but if you’re going to give me a second look I hope i don’t have cat hair on my tush and I hope my bra hides the fact that it’s really cold in here…

without giving it a ton of thought, i wore my studio betty ruffle capri leggings to the gym. they were clean, they fit and i could wear them to lunch with my friends after barre class. on went the pants and i was out the door.


“you like my pants!

you really like my pants!”

-my inner sally field last friday

got to the gym, got my “spot” in class and that’s when the compliments started. the instructor liked my pants. the lady next to me liked my pants. the lady across the studio liked my pants. all eyes were on my legs and my bum the attention was quite a motivator to keep up, stay on the beat and complete every set.

i tucked the compliments in my pocket and dashed to lunch at a new see-and-be-seen lunch spot here on the main line where my friends and i enjoyed a lovely lunch at the bar. my leggings enjoyed a break from the attention only until i got up to use the ladies’ room and i got two “where’d you get those pants?” i told them but you know how bathroom chat can be sort of awkward so i didn’t want to self-promote too much in there.

walking out of the cafe, more “where’d you get those pants?” and then into the store attached to the cafe where i again was complimented and asked about my leggings—again, slow to self promote and toot my pants’ horn i played it down but on the inside i was all sally field “you like my pants! you really like my pants!”

where’d i get my pants? Jetty Betty. where you can get pants that will take you from workout to workplace, from barre class to cafe, around the house and out the door.

don’t worry—i haven’t let all of these go to my head. they’re just pants. it’s not like they’re magic.

*editor’s note: since wearing the studio betty ruffle capri leggings last friday, i now bench 436kg, have a VO2 max of 96 ml/kg/min, run a 2 minute mile and i’ve matched all the orphan socks in my kid’s drawers.


Jetty Betty AKA Jen McGowan


jetty betty pop-up shop

see it. feel it. take it home. friday 10.12.18