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Activewear, athleisure, party and beach for gals who get it ALL done EVERYDAY.

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ho ho ho...let's talk about commando.


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ho ho ho...let's talk about commando.

Jen Mcgowan

as far back as i can remember, i eschewed a “breeze.”

underwear always at all times under all circumstances. make that wonder woman underoos at all times under all circumstances. we’re going back that far.

giving you life here, at 3 years old.

giving you life here, at 3 years old.

as the years have passed and different undie trends have come and gone, i find that it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. i still like my briefs and i’m not about to apologize for it—i pass on the thongs (why bother? there’s no coverage! and where do i attach my poise pad?) i say no thank you to g-strings (“floss your butt” said no gyn ever) and i don’t understand cheekies (they’re non-committal).

now, you might say that opinions are like [hmmm…..] and that everyone has one, and i’d say you’re 100% right. it’s my opinion that going commando, sans sous-vêtements, while out in public, is messy. messy like…newton’s third law of motion. for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

stay with me, gals.

stay with me, gals.

what does physics have to do with not wearing underwear? in my years spent preparing for people-watching to become an olympic sport, my mind’s eye has become riddled with images of women’s butts working overtime to prove newtown’s law. whether at the farmer’s market or the gym, my mental cache is full and needs to be defragmented. when gals forego undies at the farmer’s market under their joggers or under their leggings at the gym, the two opposing forces on their posterior, henceforth referred to as cheeks, bounce off each other in such a way that tells all present a few things:

  • it’s laundry day and i couldn't scrounge up a pair.

  • i’m free like that. problem?

  • forgot. oops!

  • i believe the vagina should breathe at all times.

  • caught you looking.

remember gals, this piece is based on the opinion of one gal and one gal only—me. call me old fashioned, a prude, a nerd….whatever. if your stance re:pro-commando in public comes from an decades-old eschewment of underoos, i get it and i respect it. i only suggest to those who feel that commando in public is the new normal, that we give it another look. a critical look. a physics based review, if you will.

those who know me know i’m not a prude but that my sensibilities are rooted in what they kindly refer to as my “idiosyncrasies”. i believe that women should be comfortable in their own skin and if underwear is proving to be an obstacle to this end, by all means do away with the panties and enjoy your breeze. just do it responsibly.

girl’s breezy.

girl’s breezy.

if you’re looking for commando-at-home-friendly pants, look no further than our joggers. for out of the house wear, they get along just fine with seamless undies for a clean, no VPL look.

rainbow side stripe joggers
35.00 70.00

around the house or out on the town, our 100% cotton joggers are simply happy pants!

dark grey terry knit, side rainbow stripe detail, elastic drawstring waistband and side pockets.

model is 5’10” and is wearing a small.

fabric: 100% cotton

style no. american fit/fashiongo

wishing you and yours the comfiest holiday season ever.


Jetty Betty AKA Jen McGowan