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Activewear, athleisure, party and beach for gals who get it ALL done EVERYDAY.

Online only at

a tactile shopper in an online store.


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a tactile shopper in an online store.

Jen McGowan

i like to touch the merchandise. always have.

i thump melons, squeeze citrus fruit and i palm avocados to make sure their heft exceeds their size. i would have made a top-notch green grocer.

but, alas, i created an online clothing store. a place where you can look but not touch, see but not feel. the texture, sheen and “hand” of the clothes are at the mercy of the descriptions and images.

for a tactile shopper, ordering clothes online is the ultimate leap of faith.

the image must tell the story.

as you look at the image above, can you feel the warm fall sun on your back? can you feel the soft lining of the coat pocket with your left hand? how about the gentle support of the elastic drawstring waistband of the pants? can you feel the stretch of the spandex woven into the soft knit of the pants as you bend your left knee?

for a tactile or “touch and feel” shopper venturing around the website of an online store, every product image must convey the texture, the weight and the feel of the garments. the image has to tell the story.

for this very reason, if you ever have any questions about an item, email or call us! in addition to offering free shipping on all of our orders, we want you to be 100% happy so exchanges for size are always welcome.

many of our products have descriptive customer reviews that can relieve some of the anxiety about purchasing what you can’t see or feel (yet).

yes, the faux suede is butter soft + washable.

still a skeptic? come touch the merchandise at one of the many pop-ups and multi-vendor events that Jetty Betty will be at this month. The full line-up is right here.


Jetty Betty AKA Jen McGowan