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Activewear, athleisure, party and beach for gals who get it ALL done EVERYDAY.

Online only at

the duchess.


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the duchess.

Jen McGowan

yasssss, queen! er, duchess!



just like us.

a quiet follower of that which happens across the pond, i like to keep my love for @HRHDuchesskate and her loyalty to hosiery on the down low. no reason in particular, i just feel that quiet admiration is the most genuine variety and i am always 100% striving for authenticity in all things (except for fake diamond stud earrings—they’re ok).

so when my smoke alarm went off in the middle of the night (it was a false alarm, likely triggered by excessive humidity) and I couldn't fall back asleep, my iPhone and i found our way to the UK news faves like The Sun, Daily Mail and Tatler. there she was, in all her moto legging and olive jacketed perfect imperfection.


that’s my girl.

we’ve got so much in common, right kate?

cue Joan Osborne’s “What if God Was One of Us” and there’s kate with lines on her forehead, just like me! visible roots, just like me! looking tired but happy, just like me! it was so heartening, in the middle of the night, to know that the woman who would be queen is indeed a mere mortal. with all of the service providers and quid at her disposal, girl looks just like me, who is having a GREAT day because i scored a “good” bra for myself in target’s juniors section this morning.

whether HRH knows it or not, she gave this gal a big pick me up today. thanks, kate.


Jetty Betty AKA Jen McGowan

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